Weather Conditions

Although we try as far as possible to abide by the ethos of ‘no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing’, there are times when the weather conditions may force us to cancel, shorten or rearrange a session. Where possible, this will be done with as much notice as possible, however there are times when the forecast changes at the last moment, or the weather worsens beyond predictions, forcing us to change the session that day.

These are the extreme weather conditions which may force a decision to cancel or shorten a session:

  • High winds (gusting over 35mph)
  • Lightening storms
  • Extreme cold (below 6 degrees)
  • Torrential rain for the duration of the session

Whatever the weather, it is imperative that your child has suitable outdoor clothing, which means several layers, long sleeves (things that bite, scratch and sting can be as discomforting as cold), and if at all possible, waterproof clothing with a hood.

In the case that we have to cancel the whole session, you may transfer your credits to another session. If the session is shortened, then we may be able to offer a discount for future sessions, although this is at the discretion of the Forest School Leader.

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