Tick Advice

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Ticks are becoming increasingly common in the UK, as is the disease they sometimes carry, Lyme Disease, which is very serious and can be fatal.

Woodland, heathland and anywhere where bracken, long grass and deer are found, are habitats of the tick.

It is important to educate yourself as to the signs and symptoms of ticks and tick bites, to check your self and your children after time spent outdoors, how to correctly remove one if found and what do if you notice any symptoms.

Follow this link to a useful leaflet containing what you need to know:

Ticks and Lyme Disease Leaflet

Most importantly, ensure you and your children are wearing long sleeves for a day out in the woods, and perform a full body check after time spent out doors. You may also want to purchase a tick remover, which can be bought online at:

Lyme Disease Action website

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