We invite you to feedback…

Hello friends of the forest old and new…

We are currently planning ahead to next year, and are considering the following ideas, on which we would love to hear your thoughts. We would like to make Ironwood sessions as brilliant as possible, and also as accessible and inclusive as possible, so please get in touch to help us craft our ‘product’ to best suit you all.

  • Amended times: Start at 9am, finish at 3.30pm (giving you an extra hour), for the same price of £30/day.
  • Saturday club: perhaps for older children, e.g 9 – 15 year olds, perhaps twice a month 10.00-14.00, £20
  • Wild Women of the Woods: Saturday woodland craft group for adults (e.g. basket weaving, cordage making, small woodwork projects, with campfire cooking) e.g. first saturday of the month 10am – 4pm.

Dates for Spring/Summer 2015 will be released soon, following any feedback we get. We are also scoping out interest for the February Half-Term holiday club, so let us know if you hope to attend then.

Looking forward to receiving your responses!

Embracing Autumn,


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